Deejay Dayrit

Registered Laboratory Technician

Deejay graduated from Saint Louis University in the Philippines with a Degree of Medical Technology. Deejay was always interested in the field of science. The laboratory field catered to his curiosity and penchant for patient interaction, giving him the opportunity to fulfill his passion and vocation to contribute towards a better world through patient care, in his own small way.


Shortly after, Deejay started his career establishing an integrated Laboratory for a dialysis facility in his home town of Tarlac. After working 3 years in his new lab, Deejay and his wife, Nina, immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada.


During his time in Winnipeg, Deejay spent several years in the Clinical Chemistry Department of Trainor Laboratories, before eventually moving and settling in Calgary.


Deejay’s career in Calgary started at various Calgary Lab Services clinics and the Foothills Medical Centre. Deejay’s role grew into a mobile laboratory technician, where he worked for over 10 years visiting and collecting samples from patients in long-term care facilities and patient residences.


Deejay hopes that his role here in APC will make a positive and lasting impact on Canadian Healthcare, as he truly believes in APCs core principles in establishing a medical home for its patients.


Although Canada is what he calls home now, Deejay often longs for places without the snow. He loves playing tennis in the summer, singing along in harmony to the music from 'Hamilton' with his 2 boys, doing landscape photography, and making coffee table books out of the travels with his family. One day he hopes to sit down and write his memoirs --- preferably on the beaches of Oahu.