Mark Percy


As a pharmacist, Mark enjoys the relationships and trust that is built with patients and their families. Managing many chronic diseases (such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart failure, hypertension, chronic pain, and many others), Mark ensures patients have the proper education to make well informed treatment decisions, in order to obtain optimal and positive quality of life.


Mark has extensive training through hospital based residency and acute care experience in the Foothills Medical Centre. Branching from his hospital experience, Mark obtained full prescribing rights, ability to order and interpret lab results, and provide injections. Without a doubt, Mark will be an invaluable addition to the APC team by monitoring chronic diseases and performing medication reviews to ensure safe and effective therapies.


Mark’s enthusiasm in joining APC comes from the aligned patient care model between himself and APC. Preventative medicine and fall prevention has always been a strong interest area for Mark, specifically in the aging population of seniors.  Mark aspires to be an access point for patients for timely and appropriate expertise.


In association with Capsule Pharmacy, Mark can assist in ensuring patients have access to their medications through his convenient delivery services. The close collaboration between APC and Capsule Pharmacy continues to allow for conveniences, along with safety from a personal pharmacist in collaboration with APC’s family physicians.


Outside of work, Mark enjoys staying active with various activities such as basketball, hiking, trail running, snowboarding, and tennis. Mark has a strong love for music with an appreciation for anything live, especially the blues.