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Why Advanced Primary Care?

Access problems, long wait times and “episodic care” have long been issues preventing healthcare in Alberta from being as efficient and thorough as it could be. That’s why Advanced Primary Care provides a solution to help overcome these challenges and to better serve everyone.  We’re an interdisciplinary team of family physicians and specialized professionals who provide all your healthcare needs in a more timely and comprehensive manner. Our approach takes pressure off the public system while providing every patient with a higher standard of personalized care.

Who is Advanced Primary Care ideal for?


Corporate / Busy Professionals

Enjoy a higher quality of care that works on your schedule.


Receive the ongoing, personalized care you and your family deserve.

Recently diagnosed or

undiagnosed patients 

Take control of your treatment with the most informed and timely care.


Have 24/7 access to us and the most comprehensive care available.

How do we leverage the medical home model to provide better care?

Book a Clinic Tour and Meet with our Physicians

We’d love to meet you and tell you more about how our service can help provide you with a better healthcare solution.