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Join Advanced Primary Care and start enjoying more timely, convenient and comprehensive healthcare today. Our modest, annual block fee is covered by most health spending accounts and may be tax deductible.

Annual Block Fees

Adult (all ages over 25)

First Year: $3,267 + GST

Renewal Years: $2,997 + GST

Family Rate Young Adult (Ages 18–24)

$777.60/year + GST

Family Rate Child (Ages 0–17)

$486/year + GST

The block fee includes access to our core services. It can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly (Note: a 5% admin fee is charged for quarterly or monthly payments). Family Rates for Children and Youth apply when there is an Adult Block Fee paid for from the same family.

Advanced Primary Care Benefits

Same-day appointments

24/7 on-call access to your physician

Interdisciplinary team-based care

Continuous, ongoing care

On-site laboratory services

Prescription refills by phone or email

Virtual medicine and telemedicine

All your travel medicine and vaccination needs

Access to a secure, patient portal with all your medical history, information and online booking

Thorough and individualized Annual Wellness Exams and In-Depth Kinesiology Assessments

Enhanced Care Services

In addition to our Primary Care Services, we also provide Enhanced Care Services through our in-house team of Allied Health Professionals. This gives you the freedom to start with your TACTeam and build your own personalized team as needed. These services are not included with the block fee, but available at your convenience.

Massage Therapy

Relax, replenish and recharge. We offer full massage therapy and treatment services from a professional, registered massage therapist. (All prices + GST) 30 minutes: $59.00 45 minutes: $79.00 60 minutes: $89.00 90 minutes: $129.00 120 minutes: $169.00 Massage Therapy Packages Package of 3 - 60 minutes: $249.00 Package of 6 - 60 minutes: $479.00 Package of 12 - 60 minutes: $899.00 Package of 3 - 90 minutes: $359.00 Package of 6 - 90 minutes: $699.00 Package of 12 - 90 minutes: $1,299.00 Advanced Primary Care Massage Therapy Form >


Relieve pain, improve sleep and prevent migraines. We offer a range of alternative care options such as acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Initial Consultation: $135 Follow-Up Appointments: $95 IVF Pre-Insertion: $95 IVF Post-Insertion: $55.00 Acupuncture Packages 5 sessions: $451.25 10 sessions: $874.00 15 sessions: $1,282.50 20 sessions: $1,672.00 Advanced Primary Care Acupuncture & Cupping Form >


Improve joint mobility, coordination and regain your strength. We specialize in personalized rehabilitation programs to help get you back on your feet again. Initial Consultation: $125.00 Follow-Up Consultation: $95.00 Advanced Primary Care Physiotherapy Form >


Improve your overall health and well-being. We have a professional kinesiologist specializing in exercise, personal training and rehabilitation. (All prices + GST) Initial Consultation: $125.00 Follow-Up Appointment: $90.00 Kinesiology In-Clinic Packages 5 sessions: $428.00 10 sessions: $837.00 20 sessions: $1,656.00 30 sessions: $2,430.00 40 sessions: $3,400.00 50 sessions: $4,000.00

Medical and Cosmetic Botox Injections

We provide botox injections for TMJ pain, migraines, hyperhidrosis and some cosmetic purposes. It’s the treatment you need to regain your confidence and best health. Price: Coming soon Advanced Primary Care Botox Health Form >

Comprehensive Travel Medicine

Feel confident, informed and properly prepared for your next trip with our comprehensive travel medicine services provided by a certified travel specialist. Price: Coming soon Pre-Travel Risk Assessment Form >


We offer professional psychology and counselling services to help patients work through stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and chronic disease management. Price: $150.00 per session *Intake form coming soon.