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Your medical home.

Join Advanced Primary Care and start enjoying more timely, convenient and comprehensive healthcare today. Our modest, annual block fee is covered by most health spending accounts and may be tax deductible.

Annual Block Fees

Adult (ages 25+)

First Year: $3,365 + GST

Renewal Years: $3,090 + GST

Family Rate Young Adult (Ages 18–24)

$800.00/year + GST

Family Rate Child (Ages 0–17)

$500.00/year + GST

The block fee includes access to our core services. Block fees can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly (Note: a 5% admin fee is charged for quarterly or monthly payments). Family Rates for Children and Youth apply when there is an Adult Block Fee paid for from the same family.

Advanced Primary Care Benefits

Same-day appointments

24/7 on-call access to your physician

Interdisciplinary team-based care

Continuous, ongoing care

On-site laboratory services

Prescription refills by phone or email

Virtual medicine and telemedicine

All your travel medicine and vaccination needs

Access to a secure, patient portal with all your medical history, information and online booking

Thorough and individualized Annual Wellness Exams and In-Depth Kinesiology Assessments

Enhanced Care Services

In addition to our Primary Care Services, we also provide Enhanced Care Services through our in-house team of Allied Health Professionals. This gives you the freedom to start with your TACTeam and build your own personalized team as needed. These services are not included with the block fee, but available at your convenience.

  • Access to care
    We believe timely access is essential to providing a higher standard of care. That’s why we provide same-day appointments, 24/7 access to physicians and virtual/telemedicine appointments. It’s our way of ensuring you always have access to the treatment and information you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Continuity of care
    We believe the best care requires a team-based approach. That’s why every patient of ours receives a dedicated Total Advanced Care Team (TACTeam). This core team consists of a family physician, registered nurse, clinical pharmacist, lab technician and medical office assistant. Together, the TACTeam is able to provide more timely, comprehensive care for every aspect of your health.
  • Comprehensive care
    We provide all your primary healthcare needs, all at one convenient location. We have an incredible team of Allied Health Professionals at our clinic too. This means you have your TACTeam, plus you have timely access to specialists as needed. Our physicians and specialists work collaboratively to ensure your health goals are always on track.
  • Shared decision-making
    We go above and beyond to help you truly understand your health so that every decision is an informed, collaborative decision. To ensure you always feel confident and informed, we provide unrushed appointments, improved access to your health information and never limit visits to only one issue.
  • Innovative solutions
    We leverage all the latest advancements in medical equipment, research and technology to deliver a higher standard of care. We also offer telemedicine, virtual medicine and an innovative Patient Portal that gives you access to your medical history, information and online booking.
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