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Tom M.

senior enjoying his retirement

"My favourite thing about Advanced Primary Care is firstly, the time that you are able to spend with the APC team. Doctors in the traditional system need to cycle patients through their practice to maximize billable hours. My monthly fee to APC enables them to spend more time with me. Secondly, there is professionalism that goes beyond just being a professional healthcare practitioner to that of acting truly professionally toward their clients. That makes me feel that the APC staff do not take patients for granted."


"Specifically, outside of the patient augmented system (that's what I call APC's model), healthcare providers treat you as if you have nowhere else to go. They treat you like they have a monopoly and like you're just going to have to take the care they give you. APC values their patients like a good business values its customers. I feel like they care about what I think about the service they provide and want to keep improving to maintain my business."

J.F & L.F.

Recently Retired

"Prior to APC, I was seeing a physician who was so busy that my calls went unanswered for two weeks.  I was quite ill and ended up at a walk-in clinic with a prescription for medication that I did not need.


One of the best things about APC is the ability to make appointments quickly whether via phone or the patient portal.  The staff at APC go above and beyond to accommodate requests of patients.  


APC provides access to many excellent services, one of which is the onsite lab.  We are so grateful that we no longer have to endure endless frustration and long wait times at a public lab. 


On behalf of myself and my husband, we would like to take the opportunity to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all members of APC.  The care that we receive is second to none.  We are very grateful to be able to have a 1:1 with a doctor who is truly concerned for our well being and not about the number of issues being discussed or the time spent.  In testament to how much we value all aspects of APC, our children and grandchildren are now also patients."


a busy professional and recently diagnosed

"I am a patient at Advanced Primary Care because Dr. Mary Szabo saved my life."


"Having a rare, complicated, life threatening, poorly understood, hard to manage disease, the "regular" medical system was failing me. My condition was not well managed or remotely under control .....  I could not find a regular Doctor, as a patient it felt as though I took too much time and effort."

I was so very fortunate to have found Dr Mary. She has guided me, advocated for me, taken care of me to the point my health is stable and well managed,. This process has taken a great deal of time, patience and effort from Dr Mary and I am most grateful."


a busy professional and business owner

"I must say I was on the fence and debating various clinics over the past 12 months. I am very happy to have chosen Advanced Primary Care.

Dr. Jun was the doctor I was paired up with, the clinic helping me choose based on what I was looking for. I am very happy I was paired up with him. He is about solving the problems not with medication first in mind.

Feels like I have my life back again, as I wasn't a fan of my previous doctor at another clinic. My energy levels were fixed within a month or so after signing up here.

You are never rushed in appointments, clarification is always provided. Great space, very convenient location, staff is super friendly and so helpful. Blood work on site which is super convenient.

If you are looking for a better level of health care and can afford the extra cost per year this is the place to go. Sign up and you will be forever happy you chose this place. Well done to the whole team at Advanced Primary Care." 

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