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Bill Melathopolous

Registered Massage Therapist, 2200 Hours

Bill’s interest in becoming a Massage Therapist was encouraged by his spouse after she had fallen and broken her back on a trail ride. Bill would often give his spouse massages to help her recover from her injuries, along with her care from physiotherapy and chiropractors. Bill’s nature to help people is what drove him to pursue becoming a Registered Massage Therapist.  Bill has been practicing massage therapy since 2011 and has worked collaboratively with physiotherapists to improve his client’s comfort.


Bill is excited and humbled to collaborate with the physicians, nurses and allied health professionals at Advanced Primary Care. Being able to help patients recover or manage any health ailment is what Bill finds most rewarding in his practice. After a few sessions, Bill enjoys hearing from his patients that they experience a decrease in physical stress, migraines, headaches, discomfort, muscular pain, emotional stress, or limited range of motion.


Outside of Advanced Primary Care, you can find Bill hiking the beautiful mountains, biking throughout Calgary, watching movies, in the theater (both watching and performing) and spending time with family and friends.


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