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Medical Office Assistant

Keelie received her Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk certificate at SAIT in 2022 and completed her practicum at The Foothills Medical Centre. Keelie is eager to learn both the administrative and clinical aspects on the healthcare field and loves that it is forever changing and developing. Though she Keelie is new to the field, she is excited in continuing to grow her knowledge through the many learning opportunities at APC. 

Keelie is passionate about creating a safe and inclusive space for staff and patients alike. She hopes to create a positive impact among patients and wants them to feel comfortable reaching out for the care they need when they need it.

Born and raised in Calgary, Keelie spends a lot of her free time exploring Calgary with her friends. She loves trying new restaurants, as well as going to local markets and events. 


When she is not exploring the world, she likes playing video games, drawing, and watching anime.

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